head coach & founder

Petar is an extremely passionate & dedicated coach who consistently looks to better himself, his students & curriculum. Whether he's coaching junior or senior students you will always find the same level of passion & authenticity. his experience in competition & martial arts knowledge has created a unique offering in the MMa world. 


after training in martial arts for over 30 years, Petar decided it was time to pass on his knowledge & founded mma squad in 2017. Starting his martial arts journey in taekwondo at 5 years age, Petar achieved Blackbelt in the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) by age 15. at 18 he was an ITF state & National champion in Men’s heavyweight division. by 27, he had moved to the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and become a multiple state champion & National Champion. In 2009 Petar had the privilege to represent Australia in the USA Taekwondo open.


Retiring from competition in 2010 Petar began a new journey in Jeet Kun Do (JKD), Filipino Kali & BJJ with coach Robert Parmakovski. Over the next 10 years, he reached apprentice-level instructor in both JKD, KALI & Blue belt in BJJ.


Petar continues his personal development in martial arts with hall of fame coach Sifu Roy Harris overseeing & mentoring his instructorships in JKD & KALI. Likewise, 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt Thiago Steffanutti & Brown Belt Vince Rogato have taken over his BJJ training to coach & mentor his Journey towards Black Belt. 

“MMA SQUAD is founded on my personal core values, passion, growth & authenticity. I look for students & coaches to align with these values, which in-turn creates the optimum training environment for each to thrive”


john kyriakou

senior instructor

John Kyriakou is a senior instructor at MMA SQUAD with over 20 years of martial arts experience. He brings amazing value to the team with his well rounded martial arts skills & fitness regime.

John has an extensive background of 10 years in his founding art Wing Chun, from the famous William Chung lineage in Melbourne.

later he looked to further his knowledge in martial arts & similarly to coach Petar, began studying JKD, KALI & BJJ for an additional 10 years before deciding to assist coach Petar with MMA SQUAD. 


Coach John has an amazing eye for detail and passion for strength & conditioning which he brings to the team. his well-rounded skillset makes him a versatile coach, training our junior squad members, standup striking & jits senior students. he's also quietly becoming the diet & strength guru in the squad with our member’s always asking about his gym routines, do’s and don'ts. 


If you can't find john on the mats it's a safe bet he's near the squat rack casually warming up with 10 plates.


vince rogato

bjj instructor

Coach Vince aka Vinnie is our BJJ head coach representing Coach Thiago stefanutti. He's been grappling for over 12 years and competes regularly on the biggest stage nationally and abroad.

Vinnie has won and placed in many state and nationwide competitions in arguably the toughest weight class division. 

if vinnie isn't coaching jiu-jitsu, he's training jiu-jitsu & if he's not training he's studying jiu-jitsu. Vinnie's passion for jits is second to none & is always upto date on the latest techniques & skillsets in the game.

Vinnie is more than just a grappler though & has years of experience in standup striking & training in MMA. this experience enables him to give our students perspectives from both jiu-Jitsu & MMA worlds. 

an amazing technician & detail orientated, Vinnie is a fantastic coach who brings great energy & value to the team. 

if you cant find Vinnie on the mats he's usually on your back.